• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

About myself

My journey in organizational management ...so far

The best kind of management does not push people. It helps them, so they can help the company. --Dragos-Cristian

I am an engineer. I started my undergraduate studies at University Politechnica of Bucharest in Romania in the field of industrial engineering and management - mechanical engineering track in 2005. I quickly realized that management is something that comes very naturally for me. Therefore, I focused my Bachelors on management, more specifically quality management. In 2009 I finished as a valedictorian from my home university. My Bachelors thesis was about a survey of the quality management systems applied by all suppliers (over 300 at the time) of Romania's national automotive manufacturer, Dacia. I worked afterwards for a short time in the BMW factory in Munich, Germany experiencing first hand the German management style of a large corporation.

After moving to Vienna, and starting my graduate studies in industrial engineering and management again at Vienna University of Technology - I focused almost exclusively on the management of organizations. I chose practical oriented lectures in process, product and project management, general and strategic management and product development and design that were done in cooperation with large corporations (like OEBB or KIA Motors) or research organizations (Fraunhofer Society). Later on I moved to higher level management courses (MBA-level) like personnel and leadership, innovation theory, organizational design and organizational cultures. I finished my masters in industrial engineering and management with honors in 2013.

My work ethic and interest in management quickly became noticed and in 2011 I started working at the Institute of Management Science at Vienna University of Technology. In over 9 years I worked in a variety of positions, from Tutor, Project Assistant, Project Collaborator, Project Co-lead, University Lecturer and up to the position of Teaching and Research Associate. The wealth of experience and knowledge I have gathered in all these years is significant. I participated in several cross-departmental projects.

From working with software companies in order to develop optimized interfaces for architecture and construction programs, to analyzing the innovation processes (want to read more about my expertise in innovation? check out my road in entrepreneurship and innovation) in specific industries in the German-speaking region. In the meantime, I visited other courses and lectures to improve my skillset, such as communication and rhetoric, multiple modules on pedagogy and effective training, and presenting with impact, among others.

My accumulated knowledge and experience recommended me to become a lecturer at the Institute of Management Science. Starting with 2015, I developed my own lectures at the undergraduate level in organizational design, and at graduate level in innovation management and marketing (read about it here) and business model development (read about it here). My understanding of management and leadership is constantly being improved from getting to know various cultures and management styles in my business travels.

I recommend you read also about my other journeys, because no matter how much I try to separate my paths, they are all interconnected.

I am very passionate about

optimization of business processes, digitalization and industry 4.0, creating positive (open, participative) organizational cultures and building a proactive form of leadership together with the supporting organizational structures.

If you feel these are topics that your business can benefit from, you are welcome to have a look at my services or directly book a free consultation appointment with me to discuss how I can provide value to your organization.