• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

How to remove inactive friends in Forge of Empires

Time to read: 4 minutes | Time to implement: 20-40 minutes

We all had to deal with the irritation of either not having enough people to motivate/polish our buildings or just not having enough friends with open tavens to go to when there is such a quest. This mainly happens because a lot of people just stop playing without giving any notice (and I want to especially thank those who do give notice when taking a break/leaving – this is highly appreciated!).

This quick guide solves exactly this problem. It is easy to follow and gives great results! (Note 1) Best yet, you do not have to do this all that often – once a month or two should suffice. As for the time needed to perform this inactive friends cleanup – it really should not take longer than 40 minutes. I cleaned up my friends list of 90 in 40 minutes while kicking 35 (ouch!) of them. So onward to the tutorial!

Step 1

Go to https://www.forge-db.com and select the server you are playing on:

Then select players:

Step 2

In your Forge of Empires game window go to your friends list:

Step 3

Type in the Forge DB search box the name of your first friend (Note 2):

Step 4

If the name of your friend is in white – then that friend is active and you don’t need to do anything. Move on to Step 7.

But if your friend has a red background, this means they haven’t logged on in the past 24 hours. This still does not mean much, but you should check further. On to the next step.

Step 5

Click on the person with the red background to see their total points over the past months. If their total points have not increased in a set interval of time of your choosing (you can see this in the form of a flat line at the end of the graph) you can decide to remove them (Note 3).

Step 6

So you decided that this friend is really inactive for a very long time. Good job! Time to go back into Forge of Empires game window, click on their name and remove them!

Step 7

And now you move on to the next friend, until you reach the end of your list.

Congratulations! You have just cleaned up your friends list and you are now ready to add new friends that actually play the game!


Note 1: Even if this guide helps you uncover which friends are inactive, it does not say anything about how often they sit in your tavern or motivate/polish your buildings. This can be done via Town Hall > News > Event History and then searching for each friend’s name to see their activity in the past 7 days. However, I will argue that even an active friend that does not polish often or sit in your tavern can still be an asset when it comes to clearing their taverns so you can sit in theirs or add Forge Points to their Great Buildings. Sometimes they might even return the favor! (go back)
Note 2: I would recommend searching for all your friends and not just assuming that if someone has a lot of points they couldn’t have left. I just had to remove a player with over 24 milion points for being inactive for three months! (go back)
Note 3: Here is up to you – how long would it be acceptable for a friend to be gone until you consider to remove him/her. For me, if a friend does not increase their total number of points in 14 days I will consider removing them – but because real life can throw anyone a curve ball, I might still keep them – especially if they’ve given me advance notice. At one month of inactivity I will remove them for sure (go back)

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