• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

Training & Coaching

The process that gets you very far.

Every person has a different learning process. Based on experience, careful analysis, observation and structured advices, my training provides a wealth of benefits to individual clients. To date, I have trained, taught or instructed over 1600 students and young professionals in the fields of negotiation, entrepreneurship, innovation and management. Check out areas of expertise for more information about my know-how.

The personality, but also the cultural background of each individual plays a large part on how they will approach training sessions. Some people rely extensively on their coaches, others – only when problems arise. Through my extensive teaching and coaching background, I have worked with people from many cultures, backgrounds and at different stages in their lives. In order for this process to work to our satisfaction, I strongly recommend to book a discovery call with me before selecting any coaching or mentorship plan.


  • we can define specific goals that you want to achieve,
  • set clear learning steps adapted to you,
  • provide you with clear feedback and
  • monitor your progress to
  • help you grow in a sustainable and consistent way

using my proven Training Methods.

My mission is not only to guide you towards solving the issues that you face (the how), but also how to help you understand (the) why the issues occurred in the first place.

I promote what I consider to be an ethical way of training and coaching.

If you find there is value in this, then go ahead and book a discovery call with me to help you pick the right service for your situation.

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