• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

Mediation Services

Sometimes an outside perspective helps.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of relationships with other people. They can appear everywhere – at home, between colleagues, while discussing with a business partner or with a prospective client. Far too often, the people involved become so caught up in their disputes that they develop a “tunnel vision” that in turn increases the tension, reactiveness or even feeling that there is no way out of a conflict. These reactions decrease the ability to effectively collaborate with other people and leads to lost business opportunities, losing employees, clients or suppliers. The effects of unresolved conflicts can be seen at a large scale just as well, with disputes between communities, regions or even countries.

With a strong background in negotiation, conflict management and problem-solving and experience,

working with people of many different cultures, I can consult or directly intervene in order to bridge the gap toward a common goal or solution.

Further, my professional expertise is largely based in engineering and management, diplomacy, entrepreneurship and innovation management (read more or check out the areas of expertise),

I have the tools to understand the technical difficulties of projects and come with specific technical solutions, apart from the personal aspect of conflicts.

Some mediation types I can help with are contract negotiation, corporate negotiations, supplier/distributor relationship management and quality assurance. I am however, flexible and look forward to discuss your exact situation in detail.

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