• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

Advanced Solutions

Custom-made solutions to target your exact needs.

There are complex scenarios where a one-size-fits-all solution will simply not work. I’ve collaborated so far with over 30 private companies, non-profit institutions, universities, outreach centers, think tanks, incubators, accelerators, policymakers and international organizations like the United Nations (read more). This allows me a rare insight on how different organizations work, what problems they are facing and what specific solutions could be applied to each individual case.

There are multiple steps needed to correctly assess and troubleshoot issues in an organization. Often, the real issues are not self-evident, and only a structured and in-depth cross-view of your organization or project can bring them to light. Even if every challenge and company is unique, there are clear steps that should be undertaken in order for proper solutions to be developed:

  1. Thoroughly discussing your challenges and goals
  2. (Optional) Observation and/or shadowing
  3. Creating an assessment plan with identified challenges and issues
  4. Designing a program to tackle the objectives
  5. (Optional) Launching a pilot project and fine-tuning the results
  6. Working with the client to implement changes in addition to holding workshops or events
  7. Using received feedback to tailor the solutions
  8. Setting up systems in place to reduce the likelihood of the same challenges re-appearing
  9. (Optional) Checking back regularly to assess and adjust the implemented solutions

Based on my expertise, an exact and analytical mind and the large toolkit of methods available to me (training methods), I can deliver the desired results.

I specialize in process optimization, finding latent issues, digitalization and automation, organizational development and cultures, innovation cultures, business reorganization and strategic development

but can provide significant benefits in many other topics as well.

Because this topic requires serious consideration and proper preparation, I recommend you to send me a message below explaining your situation, rather than booking a 30 minute discovery call. This allows me to properly prepare for our meeting, either in person or online.

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