• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

Seminars & Workshops

Mastering skills up close and personal.

One of the best ways to learn is to exercise and receive direct feedback on your actions. I am very experienced in this learning-by-doing concept, as I’ve held to date dozens of workshops over the course of my career. From half-day seminars, and up to 5-day retreats, I managed to successfully engage my audience and steer them through a large variety of subjects. My portfolio encompasses seminars and workshops on negotiation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, innovation, emerging technologies, strategic development and product design. I encourage you to read more about my expertise or about myself.

Normally I would not recommend workshops for large audiences, as I prefer to engage with every single individual and steer the learning process on a one-to-one basis. You see, I want to share knowledge – and it’s not enough that I am facilitating a workshop. I consider my job done when I see the smile of someone that understood what I was sharing. In order to accomplish that goal, I apply my Training Methods.

I am flexible in the type of workshop I can hold. After chatting with you about your goals, time constraints, location, target audience, industry and company values I am sure I can devise a workshop or seminar program that will bring a lot of value to your organization.

Types of workshops I’ve held to date:

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Brainstorming and creativity sessions
  • Project-driven seminars
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Skill training sessions
  • Presentation and communication seminars

Most workshops and seminars can be held either online or preferably at your location.

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