• AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)
  • AddressTraining locations: EU-Region, USA & worldwide (virtually)

Negotiation expertise

I advocate sustainable growth, long-term business relations, solving conflicts and getting much more out of collaborations than just the needed requirements.

Personal / Professional

Conflict resolution


Package negotiations

Negotiation preparation

Business / Entrepreneurship

Contract negotiation

Strategic negotiations

M&A processes

Intellectual property negotiations

Diplomacy / Global

Cross-cultural negotiations

High-level negotiations

International trade deals

Multi-issue / multi-party negotiations

Competition / Learning

Competition judge

Trainer / coach

Assertiveness without aggressiveness

Highlights for this area

(excerpts from my journey)

  • Recognized lecturer and speaker (multiple nominations for best lecture and best teacher awards at Vienna University of Technology)
  • World competition judge in negotiations
  • Member of specialized negotiation organizations on effective training methods and high-level negotiations in diplomacy and public sector
  • Working with and advising technology-based start-ups